About Tech Success

When you read the words “Tech Success” You have the heart of a digital matter in hand. In fact, the heartbeat of our company aims to pump success into the pipeline of your business and individual endeavors. Tech Success, Inc. truly is “Your helping hand in this digital age.”

We are a team that empowers you for success. By helping our clients incorporate the most sophisticated technologies available today for their personal as well as business needs, we promote their achievement and their endeavors.

Tech Success Incorporated was formed by professional educators who are craft masters. We help you meet your goals and objectives as well as set higher standards and benchmarks for your company. Our vision is to become the industry’s “Gold Standard Solution Providers” for helping clients transition into successful social media users.

Tech Success helps individuals and organizations add social media components into their marketing mix. We improve their visibility and engagement with both their clients and their prospects. We help with all aspects of marketing as well as train and mentor our clients to excel in social media involvement.

Tech Success provides social media solutions for our clients (individuals and businesses) who need to improve their social media efforts to stay competitive in this global community. We provide the tools and solutions that enable our clients to increase their online presence. We show you the opportunities and options for you to interact with a large interactive audience or to create an intranet space where you will engage a small, tight-knit group.

When working with Tech Success you are working with a powerhouse of combined talent. Our staff  has a proven track record of exceptional results.

Ariel Dagan,  CEO

Ariel Dagan

Ariel Dagan

Ariel is a creative entrepreneur with skills in marketing and social interactions. Ariel Dagan has 20 years experience coaching teams and being an educational leader, administrator, and project manager. As an individual who thinks outside the box, Ariel possesses the ability to deliver high quality services and products that are well-conceived and efficiently delivered. Ariel’s executive leadership exemplifies the winning combination of risk-taking balanced with solid visioning and realistic goal setting. His broad experience in marketing, product development, and team leadership has been proven by sound financial growth and strong, successful business management over the years.

Known for his attention to detail, Ariel always keeps an eye on technology that is available today and what is on the horizon. As a master educator, Ariel focuses on providing individual attention to clients to ensure their needs are met, while also striving to see that each business or individual has received the best possible offer. He teaches how to embrace and utilize technology to meet consumer needs instead of having them being dependent upon it. He also encourages those around him to successfully master the tools at hand. Ariel believes that recognizing a persons innate strengths empowers their ability to achieve and grow.

Ariel is particularly interested in companies that do not have their own, in-house IT departments. He can teach these companies in the out-patient setting how to have their web sites attract more engagement. Ariel also has a keen interest in individuals and businesses that want to understand the technology that is flooding the field and increase their abilities to use it effectively. He is interested in new projects, yet keeps a pulse on the feedback he seeks from partners and consumers, of the past.

His direct experience with cultural diversity and multicultural backgrounds have taught him that there are many ways to tackle a problem. He is flexible and tenacious, and easily adapts to his clients varying needs with divergent thinking and optimistic enthusiasm. Ariel’s commitment to a diverse clientele is a reflection of his great interest in the cultures of others and he is continually seeking to learn more about this world and those with whom we share it.

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