“Social media involves a natural, genuine conversation between people about something of mutual interest, a conversation built on the thoughts and experiences of the participants. It is about sharing and arriving at a collective point, often for the purpose of making a better and more informed choice. Most importantly, social media can further a specific mission by allowing more people to understand, value, and support what it is that one’s company organization, agency, or association wants to do.” (Dave Evans)

Our vision at Tech Success is to become the industry’s “Gold Standard, Solution Providers” helping clients transition to becoming successful social media implementers .

Tech Success will work in partnership with individuals and their businesses to execute social media programs. We will provide individualized coaching in the use of social media. We will show that social media interaction is an important marketing tool, branding identities for individuals as well as companies.

In order to grow, organizations need to get closer to customers. They need to develop and engage communities to increase their client base and stimulate participation and involvement. Social media creates a platform for this interfacing and Tech Success is the mechanism through which the progressive minded business can achieve this goal. We can show you many ways that you can benefit from our expertise in social media.

- Your target market will be more engaged with your content.

- Your customer base will feel an increased sense of community. (Communication is after all, the basis for community.)

- Our clients will develop a loyal customer base that visits their web site more often and for longer sessions per visit, leading to more interest in their brick and mortar facility, and cultivating increased, money saving, financial transactions, online.

- Your content updates will create interest and provide information that constantly engages the customer base and they will, in turn, become more involved.

Hundreds of thousands of business owners do not know or understand the value or importance of social media within their business. Tech Success is made up of a team of educators who meet the needs of this population by providing methodical solutions that will lead to successful outcomes. If you want your company to be on the front lines and reach customers before your competition does, you will learn to use social media. Let the other guy advertise in the newspaper that fewer and fewer people are reading. Let the other business pay for commercials that only offer a one way conversation. You can be ahead of the game. Social media is a virtually free resource that is gaining power everyday. You can exploit the energy there, help your company and your clients become more in tune with each other’s needs and develop a mutually beneficial relationship all on the free World Wide Web.