Has anyone seen my…..

Warp speed ahead

Anyone living  with someone else, roommate, spouse, family etc. has certainly found themselves relying on the other person for help with finding something that we need. In the not so distant past what we searched for  used to be something that we misplaced. When we were in our in school the librarian was considered the search master.

No one knew better than the librarian where to find information for a particular subject.  Of course you can use the school library or the town library to search for the information you need. The problem is that not all libraries have the same information.

In my city Worcester, MA all of the public libraries are networked. So if you are searching for, or better yet ask the librarian for assistance to search for a topic, subject you might find that you can just go to the second floor, but rather have to take the bus to the library that is 20 minutes away. But thanks to advancements  in technology you can have the book saved for you. (Not like the olden days of video stores, when you called and asked : ” do you have the latest…. movie?” and they would say: ” sure, we have lots of copies just come on down”. Next thing you know when you get there no video is available for you to rent).

Haven’t you noticed how library budgets are being cut back drastically? What happened to our faithful search assistant? Are they getting too old? are we adding to much information to our Information Super Highway that we need new search tools? Yep! You guessed it!

Twitter now uses REAL TIME SEARCH. When George Lucas exposed us in the 70′s to Hyper drive. some people didn’t realize that we would be doing it in our own time. Information is getting placed on the web faster than we can process it. Yes. Search Engine Optimization is still very important but Google is getting a little old and  perhaps  it is having memory problems as it grows older in age.

Our needs have changed: We want things now and not 2 seconds ago! Real time search engines helps us with just that need. The problem is that the real time search engines are still in their infancy stage and they have much to learn from Professor Google, Dr. Yahoo and MSN A.K.A. BING. Who are these youngsters? well, their parents have been giving the funny names Twitter SearchScoopler, Collecta, Topsy, CrowdEye but we soon will get to know them as our best friends. They are fast and ferocious checking out blogs, tweets, post comments, and much more. It’s like having infants that instead of feeding on nutritious breast milk they are being fed Red Bull!


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