Being close when you are so far away…

staying in touch for tech success

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Last Summer my daughters were a few thousand miles away in England. Sure I could pick up the phone and call them. I could have even sent them an email and wait for a reply. If I wanted a faster reply I could have sent a text to my younger daughter.
Now how many adults really know every thing their teenagers are doing when they are not around? Well, in my case I am very fortunate that my girls love to write and share. Would they share with me all the details in a phone conversation or video chat? Maybe, but being a realist father of teenage girls, you knew the answer already.
This is why Tech Success has given me an opportunity to be in the picture and not feel totally left out of their experiences. You see they have created a blog where they posted and updated their adventures. Whenever It became too quiet in the house I just turned to their blog and was able to find out all about their day. A wonderful anecdote for parents that feel they are loosing touch with what is happening with their kids life. They have their blog and I have my good feeling. You can check out their adventure at

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