The start of a new beginning!

The begining of Tech Success

A new start to Tech Success

The Bible starts off  with the words ” in the beginning”.  We can learn so much from these three words because they are an interpretation of another language. The interpretation tries very hard and sincerely ( in it’s own way) to stay true to the original scripture which most agree was in Hebrew. The Hebrew Bible only used one word בראשית This word which some of you might not be able to read is made up of 6 characters or letters. The interesting thing about the choice of the word and the letters the make up this word have a very unique combination. The Hebrew Alphabet has 22 letter. In this word we can find the first 2 letters and the last 3 letters. One letter that stands out is the 10th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Perhaps to point out the basic code. Did I mention code?

Technology code is made up of an interesting  combination of letters and numbers. A pattern in one place may  give us different results if combined with other patterns. What is however important for us to understand that no matter how complex the code or pattern becomes, it is in essence all combined  from something that is much more simple.

The beginning of something is also the end of something else. But what is the platform that makes it all stable? The Bible relates to the stabilizer as God. Perhaps that is why the 10th letter was placed in the Hebrew word interpreted into English as “in the beginning” to be the basic fundamentals of our law and the way we act?

Tech Success- a  journey of educational leadership combined with technology leading to successful results in all our digital expressions which in essence are an understanding of the basic  fundamentals of language.

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