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Selling and Buying homes using social media channels

I have invited Kathleen Cooper to be a guest blogger on Tech Success. Kathleen shares with us some examples of how she has been able to successfully incorporate social media use in her world of Real-Estate.

Being in the real estate industry today means adapting to a lot of changes that don’t only pertain to the market.  The past few years have brought a change in technology and the way we do business.  We have been introduced to social media and those that embrace it are the ones that will shine.

I am well known in my area for my use of Facebook, Blogs, Twitter & Foursquare with real estate.  I have been described as a social media expert and know my way around to generate leads and business in my industry.  I use social media for prospects, but also as a way to brand, strengthen business relationships and gain referrals from out of the area agents.

How do you keep up with all of this and still have time to sell real estate?  As a mother of 4 I don’t have time to waste!  I keep a strict Google Calendar that dictates what time I will work on my blogs.  I use HootSuite to link my Facebook & Twitter accounts so I only have to post one time for it to go to both places.  My fan page and blogs are linked to Twitter so they tweet automatically each time I post.  You would be amazed with how much you can get done in an hour or less per day.  With today’s mobile phones you can update any of your social networks on the go.

The secret to being successful with social media is to keep it interesting.  Don’t be too controversial.  Pace yourself to have a steady drip of posts, but don’t over do it or you will start to lose followers.  Advertise and invite others to join you on your social networks.

Social media is fun and full of energy.  I highly recommend every real estate professional use it in their business to climb to new heights.

To follow me and learn more about social media for real estate you can visit my blog at Sleepless in Sturbridge.


Standing out in the crowd

Stay Unique using Tech Success

Staying unique in the crowd

Over the past few weeks we have seen several countries take on some serious issues. We know that some individauls have manged to get their point across using social media. How does one stand out in a field that is so crowded? How do you get your post or tweet to catch someones attention when there are so many other posts and tweets passing them by?

Looking back in time often shed light on the answers we need for today and the future. What sells the newspaper or magazine inn the local newsstand? Why are some books garb attention than others? The answer can be staring you right in the face. This is after all what catches our attention.

The bold words, separated from the rest of the text, often in big letters are there to grab our attention. Are they shocking? Are the clever? What is certain is that someone took the time to think about the message they wanted to convey. What is it that would grab the attention of the reader? What will make this article, news story, post stand out from the rest? At time we find the answer to be not what we expected to find. Uniqueness is often what draws our attention to the thing that is out of the ordinary, different than the rest. Can it draw us in? We can embrace it or run away from it. But either way, for that moment the unique attributes are what carries the content of the message forward.

At the 53rd Grammy Awards Lady Gaga chose to embrace us once again with her uniqueness. The blog sphere and other news media channels caught onto her and propelled her to where she wanted to be ” The Center of Attention”. Only by striving to be unique in our writing, and the way the we present ourselves will we be able to stand out above the see of endless individuals who are just a talented as us. Standing out in the crowd can be accomplished through using social media management that leads to Tech Success.

The start of a new beginning!

The begining of Tech Success

A new start to Tech Success

The Bible starts off  with the words ” in the beginning”.  We can learn so much from these three words because they are an interpretation of another language. The interpretation tries very hard and sincerely ( in it’s own way) to stay true to the original scripture which most agree was in Hebrew. The Hebrew Bible only used one word בראשית This word which some of you might not be able to read is made up of 6 characters or letters. The interesting thing about the choice of the word and the letters the make up this word have a very unique combination. The Hebrew Alphabet has 22 letter. In this word we can find the first 2 letters and the last 3 letters. One letter that stands out is the 10th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Perhaps to point out the basic code. Did I mention code?

Technology code is made up of an interesting  combination of letters and numbers. A pattern in one place may  give us different results if combined with other patterns. What is however important for us to understand that no matter how complex the code or pattern becomes, it is in essence all combined  from something that is much more simple.

The beginning of something is also the end of something else. But what is the platform that makes it all stable? The Bible relates to the stabilizer as God. Perhaps that is why the 10th letter was placed in the Hebrew word interpreted into English as “in the beginning” to be the basic fundamentals of our law and the way we act?

Tech Success- a  journey of educational leadership combined with technology leading to successful results in all our digital expressions which in essence are an understanding of the basic  fundamentals of language.

On your mark, get set…

On your mark

Making a mark with Tech Success

Perhaps before you are ready to go you need to check your mark.
Anyone participating in a race knows that a good deal of preparation is needed to get to a point where you are indeed ready to compete with others. If we have come this far we have prepared ourselves with what we need to push forward.
As we prepare for the 2011 year ahead we need to make certain that we not only have the right tools at our disposal but that we have trained ourselves and we have the stamina needed to endure.
In these final day of the 2010 year we can make final adjustment to our strategy to make certain that when the “go” is called we are indeed set to make our mark.
Making a mark in the vast social media environment demands having the training and coaching to achieve success. Tech Success can help any business set new records and continue having fans.

upfront and personal

True Colors Tech Success

Blog content that is true and sincere leads to Tech Success

Writing blogs should never be seen as a chore. Doing so will lead to writing content that is removed from the most important part of ourselves. Tech Success is certain that when a person in charge of content writing in today’s social centered environments, this individual should have the ability to express what is true and sincere about what it is they are sharing with their readers. Being upfront and personal with the readers of the blog will lead to achieving Tech Success and gain new readers that may either comment on your words, or even better share your blog entry with other people in their circle of trust

Transformation – a process in the making

Tech Success through transformation

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “Transformation” as an act or process of being transformed or changed. By being engaged in an act leading to change we are engaged in a definition of one expression or thought and working on changing it into another.

Blog writing can very very effective in being able to get the reader to look at the word you present and making those word serve as the change agent. By interacting with the the blog, through reading, over even adding comments to the blog post, the process of transformation can begin to take place.

Any organization or brand interested to make  gains with current clients or future client should be taking active part in the process. The process continues to evolve as it develops. The act of writing the blog leads to the transformation taking place from static to active engagement.  Transformation is change. Change that happens quickly can have results that we may not be able to control. Change and transformation that occur over time lead to a more complete result we are striving to achieve.

Being close when you are so far away…

staying in touch for tech success

updates through posts

Last Summer my daughters were a few thousand miles away in England. Sure I could pick up the phone and call them. I could have even sent them an email and wait for a reply. If I wanted a faster reply I could have sent a text to my younger daughter.
Now how many adults really know every thing their teenagers are doing when they are not around? Well, in my case I am very fortunate that my girls love to write and share. Would they share with me all the details in a phone conversation or video chat? Maybe, but being a realist father of teenage girls, you knew the answer already.
This is why Tech Success has given me an opportunity to be in the picture and not feel totally left out of their experiences. You see they have created a blog where they posted and updated their adventures. Whenever It became too quiet in the house I just turned to their blog and was able to find out all about their day. A wonderful anecdote for parents that feel they are loosing touch with what is happening with their kids life. They have their blog and I have my good feeling. You can check out their adventure at