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Social Media Success Board is a suite of SUCCESS SYSTEMS designed to help you reach your goals.

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This simple, yet ingenious Success System allows you to configure a task tracking system to fit your exact needs. You are reminded daily of what you are striving for and what action steps need to be taken to get you there.

The Success Board makes marking and tracking progress easy and fun. It improves the likelihood that you will do what you need to do to achieve your social media marketing goals.

What do you get?

With each Success System you will receive all you need to get set up to begin tracking your daily progress.


Image gizmo social media success board by Tech Success Inc
upload image



Image  Did you upload an image onto Facebook or Flickr or add it to your blog?


Status Update social media gizmo by Tech Success Inc
Status update



Status update  Did you write a compelling engaging update that other people will want to read and comment on?




Comment action gizmo from social media success board by Tech Success Inc


Comments - Did you add you thought on other people’s writing adding constructive thought and feedback?




People action gizmo from social media success board by Tech Success Inc
get connected

People   Did you reach out and add a friend onto you social network such Facebook or business connection on LinkedIn, Plaxo, MySpace etc….



Share action gizmo from social media success board by Tech Success Inc
share great content


Share  Did you see some great content on the web and share it with you social network using the share button on the website




Video action gizmo from socail media board by Tech Success Inc
Upload video footage


Video  Did you record yourself speaking or taking some amazing footage?




Check in action gizmo from social media board by Tech Success Inc
check in and share something about the location


 Check-in Did you go and check in at the local gym, restaurant, museum and then post a comment with your check-in using Foursquare, Facebook places?





Blog action gizmo from social media board by Tech Success IncBlog  Did you write down your though and ideas on a blog where other can read?

Be creative


Compliment action gizmo from socail media board by Tech Success Inc
Give a compliment




Compliment  Did you write a testimonial for someone you did business with on LinkedIn, Did you write a store review on Yelp, Did you write a movie review to save your friend the aggravation of seeing a bad movie or to rush to the theatre in order not to miss it?





Tag action gizmo from social media board by Tech Success Inc
Tag people by name and photo


Tag      Did you tag you friends in a picture making them feel loved and liked, and automatically posting on their Facebook wall because they forgot you had a camera and actually took some picture at the family reunion, 10 year high school reunion, birth at the hospital, and the list goes on……





Social Media Success!

Price: $16.99

The quiet yet brilliant new social media roll out by Steve Martin

A conversation with Steve Martin

Social interaction rather than performance

The Hanover Theater for the Performing Arts in Worcester, MA played host to one of the most successful people in show business today. Although throughout  his career Steve Martin has easily filled performance venues than can seat comfortably more than 10,00o fans, Steve Martin chose to engage with us in the comforts of the beautiful hall in Worcester with a maximum capacity of  3,500 seats.

You may be thinking perhaps Steve Martin is not that famous anymore. Perhaps he just can’t get the crowds. Wrong my friends. How many entertainers do you know who have been asked and agreed to, host the Oscar awards, being in front of more than a billion viewers multiple times? Steve Martin can and knows how to draw the crowds.  But, he is now taking advantage of the new hit in our world.

“A conversation with Steve Martin” is not about selling himself as he has done his entire career. Steve is here to engage and interact. His world tour enables him to use social media in ways only some brilliant minds as Steve Martin can do. He is achieving Tech Success, not through his comedy, but rather through the use of the intimacy of social media. The days of big venue performances might still be hot for some, but Steve Martin is a brilliant user of Social Media.  He understands that more intimate conversations in smaller groups lead to a greater “ripple effect”. Only a few of us had the chance to ask him any question we had for him.

Joyce Kulhawik was the other person on stage with Steve Martin. Now, Joyce is by no means a comedian but many folks know her because of her celebrity status in the world of media communication. Joyce did a superior job interviewing Steve Martin and making us feel like we were sitting on the sofa right next to her. Joyce had solicited questions from people who were going to the show, right on her facebook. Only those connected with Joyce Kulhawik on Facebook were fortunate to have Joyce select to add their questions into her mix of questions she asked Steve during the 90 minute conversation.

Just to emphasise this new approach to socail media engagement- here is status post from her facebook page:

I’m interviewing Steve Martin on stage in Worcester on 3/29 and will take questions from the audience! So what would you like to ask? I can actually take some of these with me and mention your name and town and ask them that night!

Guess what many did at the end of the show? Yes. That’s right, we went and posted something on our own social network. What was Steve doing? bringing us closer to him, telling us how he operates, thinks, creates as well as share memorable moment from his 50 year career in show businesses.

This type of engagement are the key to success in social media since social media engagement is about reaching the person sitting across from you on the sofa, or at the table. It is not the HUGE BILBOARD that you only see but can’t interact back. Joyce and Steve both brought us the ability to interact with them. each  day, millions of people, comment and interact on social networks. Steve Martin already is the center of conversation taking place on many Facebook updates, blogs like these, Video Blogs and of course Tweets.

Have you incorporated social media tools to engage your loyal fans in the most intimate way?

The key to becoming trustworthy is by being remarkable

Tech Succes Trustworthyness


What do we find so special about trust that we value it so much? After all, trust is something we consider to be most important. How do we define it and how does it come to play in our daily lives? Most of us work hard to earn it but often find that we have to spend lots of of time and resources to get to where we would like to be with earning someones trust. The greatest question might be is not “how” do you earn it, but rather what is the best path that can be taken to earn it? There are many things that have changed over the years with the advancement of technology. Still, there are certain things that remain unchanged. Our social habits and systems are still key components in the process of  acquiring trust.

When someone says to you “trust me”, how do you really know if you can trust them or if they are just trying to convince you to do something or buy something? As a society most of our activities with other people are based around exchanges. These exchanges occur in our business affairs and any type of relationships that we keep with others. Since trust is built upon reasonable expectations by more than one party we have now been able to use technology to help us better identify who is or can be trustworthy.

You will find that more than anything else people rely on their friends  and family for advice. The more feedback we can gain from a large group of “trusted advisors” the more likely we are to  being trustworthy of a person or business/brand. In order to become trustworthy we must make certain that we, as and individual, or as a business that is promoting a product or service are remarkable. Its not that we need to be “spectacular” (although that would be nice) it’s that we are able to have as many people as possible from within the “trusted group” start remarking about “us” (the individual or the brand).

The ability to harness social media channels enable “us”  to have “ourselves” exposed by giving the “trusted advisors” the opportunity to remark  in as many social channels such as: facebook, Twitter,Youtube, blogs, LinkedIn , Yelp, Foursquare and so many other social platforms that provide the “trusted advisors” the means to share as much information as they wish about “our” uniqueness and the value we can provide. Exposing ourselves (as much as possible) lets us become remarkable by the ever growing group of individual we tend to trust. Tech Success works on bringing the social elements into use by providing guidance and support to business of various size. At Tech Success the understanding of human nature helps our clients better succeed in becoming trustworthy and truly remarkable. According to a 2009 report by “Nielsen” 70-90% of online users make purchasing decisions based on recommendation they received from people they know and also from reviews written by people they don’t know but still the same  have left their remarks.

Why Social Media should be so natural

share the love

Sharing is caring

When you think about the many options there are today on the web to interact you can become totally overwhelmed with choices. There are sites dedicated to pictures, videos, music, other just to text and of course the are  many that combine all these elements into one.

One thing that you will find more and more is what we should all be doing as a society that care about one another, and that is giving and helping other people. Sure you can always go to your mother or father for advice, but at some point in your life you grow out of that phase and you start to look for friends that you trust their advice and you value what they have to share.

Here is where the power of social media networking comes in. Are you a hermit? Do you live alone and want to stay living and only interacting with yourself? of course not. We are all social creatures. Each one of us is unique and special with different tastes and different styles.

The success of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and many more sites is that people who have something in common are able to come together and share. And many times give suggestions or just let someone know what they are up too.

In our fast paced society with more expected from us each and every day both at work, home and school it not surprising that sometimes we feel as though we are connected and at the same time disconnected. Being in touch with others through sharing advice, volunteering or just sharing stories, news articles, movie reviews or anything else with someone that is ready to listen is a great feeling.

So get yourself out there and share the love!

Has the end of free social networking arrived?

Ning Niche network

Niche networks for meaningful conversations

Back in April 2010 Harry McCracken of PC World reported in a post that NING would be changing the free social networks used by millions of people to be used as paid accounts. During that period I thought: I wonder how many Ning networks will convert to paid services, how many will move elsewhere, and how many will just go away?
Over two million account owners will have to decide what to do in the near future. Well we know that that Ning service did not go away and people were ready to pay to keep the networks they created vibrant.  “It’s dangerous to assume that free services will be around forever, at least as free services. Will more social network require a few for service in 2011?

Study shows social network age groups are older

Social Network age group

Knowing your audience

In a recent survey of 19 social networks by Pingdom they have found that there is a shift in the average age of social network users. For example: The average social network user is 37. The average LinkedIn user is 44. The average Twitter user is 39. The average Facebook user is 38. The average MySpace user is 31 and The average Bebo user is 28. Still Facebook facts show that users ages 50-65 are the fastest growing user group.

Social is not sales

Tech Success through social conversations

I am certain that many of you can relate to piles of mail you receive with offers to buy this service or that product. How about message in your email  Inbox with special discounts from companies who you have joined their lists? These can become overwhelming and most of the time the pieces of paper or the emails may go directly into the recycle bin.

When was the last time you received some helpful advice through regular mail that helped you run your business more effectively? Well I do not receive them by mail but I do look forward to getting monthly emails from business that offer helpful advice. Yes that’ right. The email feature tip and advice for information that can help me run things in a better manner.

Have you been in a Networking event where someone is trying to have you buy their business products or service? How did you feel? Now, lets jump to the online social channels such as Facebook or Twitter. I have seen the same thing happening all over again. There are many companies that just push  and sell and are not all all focused on building relationships with the people that are saying. Hey! we like your business. I’m here don’t ignore me….

Creating a social community is not an easy task yet it is not something that is impossible to achieve. Interactions with customers in a brick and mortar shop usually takes place between you and one customer at a time. However online, the conversations become greater since the conversation thread become greater than just between you and the individual customer , and we all know that many people enjoy joining the conversation.

So next time you are on line on one of your channels, remember that people who are visiting your social channel are there because they want to be part of the conversation. When they they feel comfortable with you they are ready to buy  and eventually  become repeat customers who send others your way.

To be or not to be

Social networking sites achieve Tech Success

Facebook is only one of hundreds of Social Networks

“To be, or not to be” may be the opening words of act three, scene one, of Hamlet by William Shakespeare.  It is without a doubt that “To be” is the key element of social networking.

It is true that we have “been” on the Internet since 1993 but having a web presence  or web page that is static in nature is not considered “being”. Being as defined by the use of social networks requires active engagement.

Most people want to be “in the action” You may ask yourself where this action may be? Is Facebook ” The” Social Network? In 1993 AOL was the main provider of Internet access and today Facebook is the largest Social Network. But by being only on Facebook you are missing out on meeting people who are on Niche networks that are geared to certain groups. Did you know that there are 130 million user on Myspace, 100 million users on Bebo, 90 million users on Friendster, 100 million users on Orkut…. and the list goes on and on and on….

Social communities are a diverse as we are. Online dating sites help people connect with their “soul-mate”. You want to be in a place where everybody knows your name? Well, this require you to get active and get social. Where should that be? Perhaps the list from Wikipedia (another social network) will give you some ideas on where you can connect and “Be”.