What We Do

Today, around the world, hundreds of millions of conversations are taking place online using social media tools. From a nearly invisible presence just a few years ago, FaceBook, Twitter, other such sites, along with an explosion of personal and professional blogs have become a key part of people?s everyday lives. This activity has now surpassed email in popularity and is growing three times faster than overall Internet usage. Your best customers and prospects are already there . . . and probably talking about your company. Our goal at Tech Success Incorporated is to make you a part of the conversation, not just a subject of it.

Proposed Approach
Tech Success will conduct an intake session with you and or key players at your company to complete the Project Plan (Phase 1) outlined below. A written report will follow with specific recommendations on best tools, strategy and next steps (Phase 2) to begin making an impact.

Project Plan: (Phase 1)
Objective: Analyze opportunities for you or your organization to utilize and benefit from the social media environment.

Goal #1: Determine which social media tools best fit the your needs, resources and capabilities.
Goal #2: Outline a strategy for maximizing your return-on-investment in social media.

Individual/Company Analysis
- How many functions does your current website serve?
- What social media, if any, you currently use?
- Have you seen new leads or growth driven by its online presence?
- Does your current online presence generate the expected ROI?
- What are your competitors doing in the social media space?

Opportunity Analysis
- Which social media sites and/or tools should you consider utilizing?
- What are the best tactics for you to be implementing social media?
- How will you maintain the social media presence once implemented?
- What tools will you use to measure the effectiveness and ROI of you social media programs?