Consulting for Tech Success

Online social media is how the world communicates today. FaceBook, LinkedIn ,Twitter, WordPress, Joomla, and the like have become a part of everyday life, more than email or web browsing. Your best customers and prospects are already there—are they talking about your company? Our goal at Tech Success is to help you control the conversation, and be the topic of conversation, so you can grow your business.

Tech Success will meet with you at your company to create a Project Plan (see below). A report will follow with specific recommendations on best tools, strategy and next steps.

Project Plan:
Objective: Look at opportunities for your brand to use and significantly benefit from social media optimization

1. Determine which tools fit your needs, resources and capabilities.
2. Create a strategy to maximize your return on investment in social media.

Situation Analysis
- What functions does your current website serve? How well does it do those things?
- What social media do you currently use?
- Are you getting new leads and sales online?
- Does your current online presence generate an acceptable ROI?
- What are your competitors doing online and in the social media space?

Opportunity Analysis
- Which social media sites and/or tools should you consider?
- What are the best tactics to implement you social media campaigns?
- How will you maintain the social media presence once implemented?
- How will you measure the effectiveness and ROI of your social media programs?

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