Designing for Tech Success

Tech Success, Inc. specializes in design, creating new social media-enabled websites for clients who don’t yet have them and revamping existing websites to enhance interactions within the Web 2.0+ environment.

Organizations need to get closer to the customer. They need to develop and engage communities to grow their client base and increase participation and involvement. Social media creates opportunity, and Tech Success, Inc. creates the mechanism to realize it.

Tech Success will design and create a new social media-enabled website for you or enhance your existing website to take advantage of the current opportunities in social media.

Engage your prospects and customers with a strong and consistent brand identity throughout the social networking universe.

At Tech Success we do so much more than web design. We provide online branding with full social media capabilities allowing you to share your page and much more

• User friendly landing pages
• Clear and informative messages
• User friendly designs on multiple locations across social networks
• Web optimization and Search Engine Optimization
• Search engine friendly (connections to all major  social networking websites)
• Dynamic home page (utilizing flash or image slide show with strong messages)
• CSS – cascading style sheets to enhance search engine usability.


• Are you starting your own business from scratch?

• Are you hoping to attract greater traffic to a current site through dynamics and interaction?

At, General Mills attracts future consumers by inviting kids to play interactive games with the cartoon bee, Buzz, the Defender of the Honey, and download cool icons and wallpaper.

Whatever your goals, Tech Success, Inc. will develop Web 2.0+ functionality and offer strategies to make your site be vibrant, interactive, engaging, and community-oriented. Clients will visit your website more often, leading to more business online or at your location.

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