Soap box of Tech Success

Soap Box” – Getting the marketing message across so that it will get noticed on multiple channels.

The concept is old. The tools have been upgraded.

Since 1872  public speakers pushing their social or political agendas provided a form of mass entertainment. At a street corner speakers or orators would attempt to lure the crowd with their message and passersby would gather to hear them since the presentation had a way of capturing the attention of the crowd.They would stand on a wooden box ( soap was shipped in these boxes) and get the attention of the masses. To this day orators can be heard at ” Speakers Corner” of Hyde Park in London. However this attention grabber is very much alive today and is an important part of the social media mix.

Blogging is just one form of  the modern soap box. Since blogs are made up of many media elements aside from words, the reach is much greater.

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