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You’re it!” Social bookmarking and tagging.

Social bookmarking can make great sense to increase site traffic and grow brand recognition by curating information, sharing of testimonials, tracking for individual projects, and as an add-on for your public relations campaigns.

Another way to utilize these tools is by pulling together all of your best testimonials from customers. Every business has heard the question from potential business partners and clients that asks, “What have others said about your work?” Rather than directing them to a Yelp page or sending an email, how much easier would it be to direct that potential partner to a site that has all of the testimonials for your company organized in one place, in a simple format?

The creation of folders and tags within social bookmarking sites can make it very easy to track success. If you’ve recently launched a campaign and want to see what stories, blog posts, Twitter notes and more have been written about it, you can very easily refer to your social bookmarks, where all of the information is gathered in one place.

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