Training for Tech Success

We aim to pump success into your business pipeline. Tech Success, Inc. is “your helping hand in this digital age.”

We empower success by helping our clients take advantage of the most sophisticated technologies available today for their business needs, without great investments of time, capital, or risk.

Example: Jane Smith is computer savvy and well respected in her company, but is not up on social media at work. Her new boss sees the opportunity in social media. He knows that business success today depends not only on great products and service, but also on getting the word out, in as many different avenues as possible, quickly and efficiently. He asks Jane to publicize the company’s latest project through regular blogging and tweets to her clients. Jane, who has no idea what he’s talking about, has to ask her teenage son for help. He sets up her blog and shows her how to use Twitter.


• Will Jane be effective in her job without fully understanding social networking?
• Would she be more valuable in her job and her career if she learned more about it?

Jane must develop her skills to contribute to her company and her own career.

In today’s world, being out of the social media loop can be devastating. At Tech-Success we empower users to be in control of the technology available today.

Training is not merely how to use LinkedIn, FaceBook or other social networking tools. Training includes being able to understand which tools to use, how to use them to maximum effect, and being able to keep up with it without getting in the way of other responsibilities, so the organization can win.

Tech Success trainers are master educators. We know that everyone learns differently. Some people are auditory learners, while others absorb information best visually. Some need to see the big picture, while others process by doing, through a hands-on approach. We each need to use the sensory modalities that work for us.

Whether you are a large company or a company of one, we offer technological assistance by teaching to the individual, addressing the needs, styles and experience levels of each of our valued clients. Our training sessions will get you actively blogging, networking, bookmarking, video casting and more, regardless of whether you are at home, on the road, or on vacation.

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