Overwhelmed by choice

Making apps choice that will work for you

It seems to be that no matter where e find ourselves these days the rule of thumb is that we have choices. Walk into any store and you will find many types of the same products. If you have ever stood in front of a row of products and starred aimlessly at the choices and then said to yourself  “forget it!” I’m certain you are not alone.

Knowing to select a unique product that  is the  right one from sea of same products can be overwhelming. Which is better? Is the cheaper brand not as good? Will the expensive one be the best? Let’ take milk as an example. This should be simple right? Now, what if we are talking about something that you will use everyday and always have it with you? Yes. I’m referring to the applications we download onto our smart-phone device.

At least for now it is good that we are limited to what apps we can chooses depending on our device operating system. This still leaves us with an enormous selection of apps. Yes. The deluge of new apps coming into the market is something that can be hard to know what are the most useful or most entertaining.

In this rich social media environment it is great that we can get fast reviews and opinion from people we trust. Having the most useful apps at our fingertip will allow us to achieve Tech Success.

Those were the days my friend…

Choosing applications for Tech Success

Choosing applications for Tech Success

Once upon a time, not too long ago, we used to place disks in our computers for the sole purpospe of running a program. This might seem as if I am writing about the distant past but the fact is that in the 1980′s we were inserting floppy drives (one after another) to hungry machines. Take a fast jump to the present and you will find that our need for running applications has not slowed at all. In fact, we have increased both our needs and desire for applications that will help us make our work and personal lives more manageable and enjoyable.

In the past only a  handful of application would come out each year. They would be designed by a fraction of the folks who are sitting right now and writing the next great app. Application are coming out to the market at super fast speeds. Although the app are easy to use, it still take most consumers a certain amount of time before we can understand how to use each app. Tech Success is at our fingertips (and thumbs). Sorting out what app is best for your needs is not as difficult as it seems. Keeping pace with all the new apps that are coming out, now that is another story.