Weekly social media success at your fingertips

Do you have social networking profiles set up that you haven’t touched since… well, you can’t remember when?

You know the benefits of social media on your business, so why aren’t you successful?

Would you like a simple way to ensure your success with social media?

Introducing the Social Media Board.

Social Media Success Board is a suite of SUCCESS SYSTEMS designed to help you reach your goals.

Why will this work?

This simple, yet ingenious Success System allows you to configure a task tracking system to fit your exact needs. You are reminded daily of what you are striving for and what action steps need to be taken to get you there.

The Success Board makes marking and tracking progress easy and fun. It improves the likelihood that you will do what you need to do to achieve your social media marketing goals.

What do you get?

With each Success System you will receive all you need to get set up to begin tracking your daily progress.


Image gizmo social media success board by Tech Success Inc
upload image



Image  Did you upload an image onto Facebook or Flickr or add it to your blog?


Status Update social media gizmo by Tech Success Inc
Status update



Status update  Did you write a compelling engaging update that other people will want to read and comment on?




Comment action gizmo from social media success board by Tech Success Inc


Comments - Did you add you thought on other people’s writing adding constructive thought and feedback?




People action gizmo from social media success board by Tech Success Inc
get connected

People   Did you reach out and add a friend onto you social network such Facebook or business connection on LinkedIn, Plaxo, MySpace etc….



Share action gizmo from social media success board by Tech Success Inc
share great content


Share  Did you see some great content on the web and share it with you social network using the share button on the website




Video action gizmo from socail media board by Tech Success Inc
Upload video footage


Video  Did you record yourself speaking or taking some amazing footage?




Check in action gizmo from social media board by Tech Success Inc
check in and share something about the location


 Check-in Did you go and check in at the local gym, restaurant, museum and then post a comment with your check-in using Foursquare, Facebook places?





Blog action gizmo from social media board by Tech Success IncBlog  Did you write down your though and ideas on a blog where other can read?

Be creative


Compliment action gizmo from socail media board by Tech Success Inc
Give a compliment




Compliment  Did you write a testimonial for someone you did business with on LinkedIn, Did you write a store review on Yelp, Did you write a movie review to save your friend the aggravation of seeing a bad movie or to rush to the theatre in order not to miss it?





Tag action gizmo from social media board by Tech Success Inc
Tag people by name and photo


Tag      Did you tag you friends in a picture making them feel loved and liked, and automatically posting on their Facebook wall because they forgot you had a camera and actually took some picture at the family reunion, 10 year high school reunion, birth at the hospital, and the list goes on……





Social Media Success!

Price: $16.99

upfront and personal

True Colors Tech Success

Blog content that is true and sincere leads to Tech Success

Writing blogs should never be seen as a chore. Doing so will lead to writing content that is removed from the most important part of ourselves. Tech Success is certain that when a person in charge of content writing in today’s social centered environments, this individual should have the ability to express what is true and sincere about what it is they are sharing with their readers. Being upfront and personal with the readers of the blog will lead to achieving Tech Success and gain new readers that may either comment on your words, or even better share your blog entry with other people in their circle of trust

Being close when you are so far away…

staying in touch for tech success

updates through posts

Last Summer my daughters were a few thousand miles away in England. Sure I could pick up the phone and call them. I could have even sent them an email and wait for a reply. If I wanted a faster reply I could have sent a text to my younger daughter.
Now how many adults really know every thing their teenagers are doing when they are not around? Well, in my case I am very fortunate that my girls love to write and share. Would they share with me all the details in a phone conversation or video chat? Maybe, but being a realist father of teenage girls, you knew the answer already.
This is why Tech Success has given me an opportunity to be in the picture and not feel totally left out of their experiences. You see they have created a blog where they posted and updated their adventures. Whenever It became too quiet in the house I just turned to their blog and was able to find out all about their day. A wonderful anecdote for parents that feel they are loosing touch with what is happening with their kids life. They have their blog and I have my good feeling. You can check out their adventure at http://dagansinEngland.blogspot.com