Where are you now? Have you checked in?

How many of you remember the old days when you rolled into town , called to check in with your friends or relatives and say..” Hey, I just arrived in LA, I’m here for a few days and I would love to get together”. Well, social media applications have allowed us to make leaps and bounds with those types of announcements.

Forget about making one phone call! All you have to do these days is use your favorite application to “check in” at a location and “Shazam!” your entire connected social network of friends or business associates now know that you are at a specific location. Next thing you know, a few texts, messages or a tweets roll in  saying something like: “Hey, I didn’t know you’re in town. Do you have some time to get together?”

Thanks to the pioneer efforts of Foursquare, with a growing list of 7 million users, your connections can know where you are every time you check in.

Foursquare vs places

Do you see me know?

As they say, great ideas are always mimicked.  After a short time Facebook with its massive network of 500 million users jumped on the bandwagon with the “Places” application.

Geo-location use continues to rise. If you are in a concert or convention you may see who among your friends are at the same place you are at. One of the other great tools of these apps is the ability to read the recommendations left for the location by other people you may not know. Let’s say you check in at a new restaurant and you want to know what’s great on the menu. You may want to Check In with either application and see what people have recommended. Hey, you may even find that this is a popular hangout of your friends!  So, which app do you like using when arriving at a destination Foursquare Check-in, or Facebook Places? One thing is certain, we love hearing where we are and what we think about the places we travel to.