Why Social Media should be so natural

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When you think about the many options there are today on the web to interact you can become totally overwhelmed with choices. There are sites dedicated to pictures, videos, music, other just to text and of course the are  many that combine all these elements into one.

One thing that you will find more and more is what we should all be doing as a society that care about one another, and that is giving and helping other people. Sure you can always go to your mother or father for advice, but at some point in your life you grow out of that phase and you start to look for friends that you trust their advice and you value what they have to share.

Here is where the power of social media networking comes in. Are you a hermit? Do you live alone and want to stay living and only interacting with yourself? of course not. We are all social creatures. Each one of us is unique and special with different tastes and different styles.

The success of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and many more sites is that people who have something in common are able to come together and share. And many times give suggestions or just let someone know what they are up too.

In our fast paced society with more expected from us each and every day both at work, home and school it not surprising that sometimes we feel as though we are connected and at the same time disconnected. Being in touch with others through sharing advice, volunteering or just sharing stories, news articles, movie reviews or anything else with someone that is ready to listen is a great feeling.

So get yourself out there and share the love!