The quiet yet brilliant new social media roll out by Steve Martin

A conversation with Steve Martin

Social interaction rather than performance

The Hanover Theater for the Performing Arts in Worcester, MA played host to one of the most successful people in show business today. Although throughout  his career Steve Martin has easily filled performance venues than can seat comfortably more than 10,00o fans, Steve Martin chose to engage with us in the comforts of the beautiful hall in Worcester with a maximum capacity of  3,500 seats.

You may be thinking perhaps Steve Martin is not that famous anymore. Perhaps he just can’t get the crowds. Wrong my friends. How many entertainers do you know who have been asked and agreed to, host the Oscar awards, being in front of more than a billion viewers multiple times? Steve Martin can and knows how to draw the crowds.  But, he is now taking advantage of the new hit in our world.

“A conversation with Steve Martin” is not about selling himself as he has done his entire career. Steve is here to engage and interact. His world tour enables him to use social media in ways only some brilliant minds as Steve Martin can do. He is achieving Tech Success, not through his comedy, but rather through the use of the intimacy of social media. The days of big venue performances might still be hot for some, but Steve Martin is a brilliant user of Social Media.  He understands that more intimate conversations in smaller groups lead to a greater “ripple effect”. Only a few of us had the chance to ask him any question we had for him.

Joyce Kulhawik was the other person on stage with Steve Martin. Now, Joyce is by no means a comedian but many folks know her because of her celebrity status in the world of media communication. Joyce did a superior job interviewing Steve Martin and making us feel like we were sitting on the sofa right next to her. Joyce had solicited questions from people who were going to the show, right on her facebook. Only those connected with Joyce Kulhawik on Facebook were fortunate to have Joyce select to add their questions into her mix of questions she asked Steve during the 90 minute conversation.

Just to emphasise this new approach to socail media engagement- here is status post from her facebook page:

I’m interviewing Steve Martin on stage in Worcester on 3/29 and will take questions from the audience! So what would you like to ask? I can actually take some of these with me and mention your name and town and ask them that night!

Guess what many did at the end of the show? Yes. That’s right, we went and posted something on our own social network. What was Steve doing? bringing us closer to him, telling us how he operates, thinks, creates as well as share memorable moment from his 50 year career in show businesses.

This type of engagement are the key to success in social media since social media engagement is about reaching the person sitting across from you on the sofa, or at the table. It is not the HUGE BILBOARD that you only see but can’t interact back. Joyce and Steve both brought us the ability to interact with them. each  day, millions of people, comment and interact on social networks. Steve Martin already is the center of conversation taking place on many Facebook updates, blogs like these, Video Blogs and of course Tweets.

Have you incorporated social media tools to engage your loyal fans in the most intimate way?