Say goodbye to procrastination

Procrastination is old news

If you are like any other business person you know that one ritual that takes place when ever you meet someone new is the formal exchange of business cards. Now you know that I am a proponent of using advance technologies including taking advantage of apps such as ” Bump”. However for this posting I want to stay focused on the “traditional” approach to business networking and take a moment to talk about step two of the exchange of business cards.
After you collect the card what do you do with it back at the office? Place it on your desk with a bunch of other cards? Place it into a CRM program like salesforce. Perhaps even you reach out to the person and connect with them on a business social network such as LinkedIn or Plaxo? If so, give yourself 10 points since mot people do not. Most people just let the business cards pile up.
This is where CardMunch comes in. Who has time to it and type all the information into a database? Not I…. CardMuch does more than just type thing up for you. Here is a link to their ” How it work page. Take a look I think you will be pleasantly surprised.