Getting comfortable using your gadget

Smart phones for Tech Success

Features we can use for Tech Success

These days you may find thousands of articles and posts covering each new device that is brought out to market. This is great news and I am an avid fan of new tools! There is also something that we need to consider when we decide to make the eventual shift to any new device.
How will I manage my data now? How will I access my older data?
Just like with any other device we use, it takes time to become comfortable using it and having our brain understand what we need to do in order to access the information we have at our fingertips.
Do we rush to embrace each new tool? Will it give us infinite new ways to do what we already can do today?
The question we should always ask ourselves is as simple as looking at the paper and pen in front of you, next to your computer.
Why do you still use pen/pencil and paper? Perhaps it is because even with all the advancements we have in our lives, we have not yet managed to be as comfortable as we would like with what we have by our side. The simplest tools or the ones we have had time to learn how to use well are those that we tend to gravitate towards.