The Secret to Success = Failure

Tech SuccessThe road to succes

I love music. In high school in Israel, I had a chance to combine that love with an important lesson in perseverance. From seventh through twelfth grades, I played rhythm guitar and wrote songs for a band. I also served as sound engineer and band manager. We knew we made good music, and it was important for us to get our name out there. We performed everywhere we could and participated every year in the Battle of the Bands. Our goals were always the same: improve our songs, gain name recognition, and develop a fan base.

With each concert, our sound improved and our songs became catchy tunes. At our final band concert, just before we all went into the army, more than 600 people attended. Nearly all the songs we performed that night were original songs.

It wasn’t easy. We had to be persistent. We didn’t always get the gig, the first place finish, or the cash prize. But failure sparked our determination to pursue success. The drive to succeed can emerge whenever we must confront obstacles.

Tech Success can help both individuals and businesses put themselves in the best position to overcome the pitfalls of the current economic conditions. Tech Success empowers individuals to turn weaknesses into their greatest strengths.

Only when we face adversity directly can we move forward to become the leaders of tomorrow.  Tech Success can be your helping hand in this Digital Age.

Why Social Media should be so natural

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When you think about the many options there are today on the web to interact you can become totally overwhelmed with choices. There are sites dedicated to pictures, videos, music, other just to text and of course the are  many that combine all these elements into one.

One thing that you will find more and more is what we should all be doing as a society that care about one another, and that is giving and helping other people. Sure you can always go to your mother or father for advice, but at some point in your life you grow out of that phase and you start to look for friends that you trust their advice and you value what they have to share.

Here is where the power of social media networking comes in. Are you a hermit? Do you live alone and want to stay living and only interacting with yourself? of course not. We are all social creatures. Each one of us is unique and special with different tastes and different styles.

The success of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and many more sites is that people who have something in common are able to come together and share. And many times give suggestions or just let someone know what they are up too.

In our fast paced society with more expected from us each and every day both at work, home and school it not surprising that sometimes we feel as though we are connected and at the same time disconnected. Being in touch with others through sharing advice, volunteering or just sharing stories, news articles, movie reviews or anything else with someone that is ready to listen is a great feeling.

So get yourself out there and share the love!

The start of a new beginning!

The begining of Tech Success

A new start to Tech Success

The Bible starts off  with the words ” in the beginning”.  We can learn so much from these three words because they are an interpretation of another language. The interpretation tries very hard and sincerely ( in it’s own way) to stay true to the original scripture which most agree was in Hebrew. The Hebrew Bible only used one word בראשית This word which some of you might not be able to read is made up of 6 characters or letters. The interesting thing about the choice of the word and the letters the make up this word have a very unique combination. The Hebrew Alphabet has 22 letter. In this word we can find the first 2 letters and the last 3 letters. One letter that stands out is the 10th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Perhaps to point out the basic code. Did I mention code?

Technology code is made up of an interesting  combination of letters and numbers. A pattern in one place may  give us different results if combined with other patterns. What is however important for us to understand that no matter how complex the code or pattern becomes, it is in essence all combined  from something that is much more simple.

The beginning of something is also the end of something else. But what is the platform that makes it all stable? The Bible relates to the stabilizer as God. Perhaps that is why the 10th letter was placed in the Hebrew word interpreted into English as “in the beginning” to be the basic fundamentals of our law and the way we act?

Tech Success- a  journey of educational leadership combined with technology leading to successful results in all our digital expressions which in essence are an understanding of the basic  fundamentals of language.

Has the end of free social networking arrived?

Ning Niche network

Niche networks for meaningful conversations

Back in April 2010 Harry McCracken of PC World reported in a post that NING would be changing the free social networks used by millions of people to be used as paid accounts. During that period I thought: I wonder how many Ning networks will convert to paid services, how many will move elsewhere, and how many will just go away?
Over two million account owners will have to decide what to do in the near future. Well we know that that Ning service did not go away and people were ready to pay to keep the networks they created vibrant.  “It’s dangerous to assume that free services will be around forever, at least as free services. Will more social network require a few for service in 2011?

Getting your message delivered across many platforms

These days watching a post on video is common. YouTube has become the second most popular search engine. This is because as consumers we are interested in the stories. Reading them is one thing. Hearing them is yet another. But watching a story that combines multiple elements, now that requires skills.
Just like any other story, there are many stages in producing your final version. You will take from here, cut from there and move things around. The key to your final product is knowing what you have jotted down all around.
A master editor can take many elements and weave them together to get their message delivered. One important things is knowing where to find all the resources to get your clip. It is not the video that matters. It is the message the your video is able to deliver to your viewers.

Getting comfortable using your gadget

Smart phones for Tech Success

Features we can use for Tech Success

These days you may find thousands of articles and posts covering each new device that is brought out to market. This is great news and I am an avid fan of new tools! There is also something that we need to consider when we decide to make the eventual shift to any new device.
How will I manage my data now? How will I access my older data?
Just like with any other device we use, it takes time to become comfortable using it and having our brain understand what we need to do in order to access the information we have at our fingertips.
Do we rush to embrace each new tool? Will it give us infinite new ways to do what we already can do today?
The question we should always ask ourselves is as simple as looking at the paper and pen in front of you, next to your computer.
Why do you still use pen/pencil and paper? Perhaps it is because even with all the advancements we have in our lives, we have not yet managed to be as comfortable as we would like with what we have by our side. The simplest tools or the ones we have had time to learn how to use well are those that we tend to gravitate towards.

On your mark, get set…

On your mark

Making a mark with Tech Success

Perhaps before you are ready to go you need to check your mark.
Anyone participating in a race knows that a good deal of preparation is needed to get to a point where you are indeed ready to compete with others. If we have come this far we have prepared ourselves with what we need to push forward.
As we prepare for the 2011 year ahead we need to make certain that we not only have the right tools at our disposal but that we have trained ourselves and we have the stamina needed to endure.
In these final day of the 2010 year we can make final adjustment to our strategy to make certain that when the “go” is called we are indeed set to make our mark.
Making a mark in the vast social media environment demands having the training and coaching to achieve success. Tech Success can help any business set new records and continue having fans.

Overwhelmed by choice

Making apps choice that will work for you

It seems to be that no matter where e find ourselves these days the rule of thumb is that we have choices. Walk into any store and you will find many types of the same products. If you have ever stood in front of a row of products and starred aimlessly at the choices and then said to yourself  “forget it!” I’m certain you are not alone.

Knowing to select a unique product that  is the  right one from sea of same products can be overwhelming. Which is better? Is the cheaper brand not as good? Will the expensive one be the best? Let’ take milk as an example. This should be simple right? Now, what if we are talking about something that you will use everyday and always have it with you? Yes. I’m referring to the applications we download onto our smart-phone device.

At least for now it is good that we are limited to what apps we can chooses depending on our device operating system. This still leaves us with an enormous selection of apps. Yes. The deluge of new apps coming into the market is something that can be hard to know what are the most useful or most entertaining.

In this rich social media environment it is great that we can get fast reviews and opinion from people we trust. Having the most useful apps at our fingertip will allow us to achieve Tech Success.

Telling your story

The opinion of one may not be your own

In every office and most homes you will find at least one magazine. In it you will find reviews of a certain product or service. These reviews are usually written by a staff writer or an independent reviewer. The  only way for you to get to know anything about the place, product or service is by reading the review. Have you experienced reading something just to be disappointed you did not agree with the person writing the wonderful review?

What if things could be different? What if you got an up close and personal assessment? What if you were able to review the business for yourself? These days more and more business are turning to video sharing as a way to get their story out to potential clients.

In the food industry this might mean a  walk into the kitchen to see how a certain dish is being prepared.

Chris Pandel from Chicago magazine on Vimeo.

Adding the personal touch brings people closer to your brand. The success of any product  or service depends on how well it is. The use of video to deliver up close informative details to your clients leads to more business. Video use is one channel leading to Tech Success in the social channel mix.

Today consumers are much more interested in knowing more about what is in the package and how it  was put together. The more we can inform consumers about the process, the more they will be engaged with the brand.

Those were the days my friend…

Choosing applications for Tech Success

Choosing applications for Tech Success

Once upon a time, not too long ago, we used to place disks in our computers for the sole purpospe of running a program. This might seem as if I am writing about the distant past but the fact is that in the 1980′s we were inserting floppy drives (one after another) to hungry machines. Take a fast jump to the present and you will find that our need for running applications has not slowed at all. In fact, we have increased both our needs and desire for applications that will help us make our work and personal lives more manageable and enjoyable.

In the past only a  handful of application would come out each year. They would be designed by a fraction of the folks who are sitting right now and writing the next great app. Application are coming out to the market at super fast speeds. Although the app are easy to use, it still take most consumers a certain amount of time before we can understand how to use each app. Tech Success is at our fingertips (and thumbs). Sorting out what app is best for your needs is not as difficult as it seems. Keeping pace with all the new apps that are coming out, now that is another story.