Best Practices in Social Media For Real Estate – Sleepless in Sturbridge


Selling and Buying homes using social media channels

I have invited Kathleen Cooper to be a guest blogger on Tech Success. Kathleen shares with us some examples of how she has been able to successfully incorporate social media use in her world of Real-Estate.

Being in the real estate industry today means adapting to a lot of changes that don’t only pertain to the market.  The past few years have brought a change in technology and the way we do business.  We have been introduced to social media and those that embrace it are the ones that will shine.

I am well known in my area for my use of Facebook, Blogs, Twitter & Foursquare with real estate.  I have been described as a social media expert and know my way around to generate leads and business in my industry.  I use social media for prospects, but also as a way to brand, strengthen business relationships and gain referrals from out of the area agents.

How do you keep up with all of this and still have time to sell real estate?  As a mother of 4 I don’t have time to waste!  I keep a strict Google Calendar that dictates what time I will work on my blogs.  I use HootSuite to link my Facebook & Twitter accounts so I only have to post one time for it to go to both places.  My fan page and blogs are linked to Twitter so they tweet automatically each time I post.  You would be amazed with how much you can get done in an hour or less per day.  With today’s mobile phones you can update any of your social networks on the go.

The secret to being successful with social media is to keep it interesting.  Don’t be too controversial.  Pace yourself to have a steady drip of posts, but don’t over do it or you will start to lose followers.  Advertise and invite others to join you on your social networks.

Social media is fun and full of energy.  I highly recommend every real estate professional use it in their business to climb to new heights.

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