Getting your message delivered across many platforms

These days watching a post on video is common. YouTube has become the second most popular search engine. This is because as consumers we are interested in the stories. Reading them is one thing. Hearing them is yet another. But watching a story that combines multiple elements, now that requires skills.
Just like any other story, there are many stages in producing your final version. You will take from here, cut from there and move things around. The key to your final product is knowing what you have jotted down all around.
A master editor can take many elements and weave them together to get their message delivered. One important things is knowing where to find all the resources to get your clip. It is not the video that matters. It is the message the your video is able to deliver to your viewers.

Moving pictures

Video sharing sites that lead to Tech Success

Sharing your video on multiple sites

The proverb says  that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. For many years people have flocked art galleries to view paintings and photographs. Many people are gifted writers and our mind is able to draw amazing pictures based on the words that we read. Yet, describing something by drawing or taking a photo seems to move us.

So if one picture is worth a thousand words what would be the value of a  video?

In 1895 the Edison Manufacturing company released the first public projection machine. Over the next 100 years people flocked to cinema theaters to watch the productions. We know that television became very popular and the increased enjoyment of watching moving pictures in your own privacy became even greater. Over the years people have bought their own video cameras and created small home made movies to share with family and friends.The problem was that sharing any type of homemade production was very costly.

It was only in 2005 that sharing of any moving pictures became “easy as pie”. YouTube launched the next great sensation of public projection. YouTube made it easy for users to download a movie to the company server and let the user send a  short link to the home made videos and tell-a-friend. Another great improvement was allowing videos to easily be embedded in profiles of social networking services.

Now any video could be shared easily and viewed at no additional cost to the producer. Today, over sixty five thousand video are downloaded each day and added to the databanks of YouTube.

YouTube is only one of a growing number of video sharing social networks. How many times have you recieved link to view video on social networks? How many movies have you viewed on social networks? Have you created your own video to post on social network?

What are you waiting for?