The Secret to Success = Failure

Tech SuccessThe road to succes

I love music. In high school in Israel, I had a chance to combine that love with an important lesson in perseverance. From seventh through twelfth grades, I played rhythm guitar and wrote songs for a band. I also served as sound engineer and band manager. We knew we made good music, and it was important for us to get our name out there. We performed everywhere we could and participated every year in the Battle of the Bands. Our goals were always the same: improve our songs, gain name recognition, and develop a fan base.

With each concert, our sound improved and our songs became catchy tunes. At our final band concert, just before we all went into the army, more than 600 people attended. Nearly all the songs we performed that night were original songs.

It wasn’t easy. We had to be persistent. We didn’t always get the gig, the first place finish, or the cash prize. But failure sparked our determination to pursue success. The drive to succeed can emerge whenever we must confront obstacles.

Tech Success can help both individuals and businesses put themselves in the best position to overcome the pitfalls of the current economic conditions. Tech Success empowers individuals to turn weaknesses into their greatest strengths.

Only when we face adversity directly can we move forward to become the leaders of tomorrow.  Tech Success can be your helping hand in this Digital Age.

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